Dr. Borneman provides a full range of general and biological dental services, integrating the best clinical techniques and technologies of Western dental medicine with holistic practices and traditional healing wisdom.

Always, we seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the mission of treatment – to tread as lightly as possible on the patient’s biological terrain, respecting the body’s natural ability to self-regulate and heal.

Here’s what you WILL find in our office:

  • Digital X-rays
    Only digital imaging is used – and only when needed – to minimize radiation exposure. Research has shown exposure to be as much as 90% less than with traditional film x-rays.
  • Compatibility testing for dental materials
    Serum (blood) biocompatibility testing determines the safest and healthiest for restoration or replacement for patients’ teeth.
  • BPA-free composite (white/tooth-colored) fillings
    When decayed or damaged teeth need repair, these are a great option. Compatibility testing helps ensure the material is suitable and non-reactive for the individual patient.
  • Ceramic (porcelain) crowns & bridges
    For most people, ceramic restorations are non-reactive and well-tolerated. Again, compatibility testing guides us to the best choices for each individual patient.
  • Ceramic dental implants
    These are our implants of choice. Many people respond well to these because the zirconium in them is so biocompatible. We don’t place titanium implants.

And here’s what you WON’T find:

  • Fluoride
    We know there are safer ways to prevent cavities and protect teeth.
  • Mercury amalgam “silver” fillings
    When they must be removed, we follow IAOMT’s strict safety protocols so patients, our dental team, and the environment have as little mercury exposure as possible.
  • Any other metal restorations
    We don’t use any other alloys, gold, stainless steel, or any other metals in our restorations either.
  • Root canal treatment
    Sharing the evidence of the risks root canals can pose to health and well-being, we empower our patients to make the right choices for them in their pursuit of optimal oral health.